FKA Philodendron: My 7.5′ Thaumatophyllum Bipinnatifidum Garage Sale Find


Yesterday, I picked up this 7.5′ tall Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum at a garage sale. He’s HUGE and beautiful, so I couldn’t leave my new friend behind. After calling up a family member to borrow their truck, we finally got this dude home. Though he’s unfortunately sitting on the (covered) front porch for the time being because I underestimated just how big he was in comparison to our low ceilings & small rooms.

So far, I can tell he’s going to need re-potted into a larger planter, as he’s so badly root bound that there are roots coming out of the bottom drain holes and circling inside the drip pan. The need for a pruning is strong with this one, as well, but he seems to be doing alright as-is.

As a plant newbie, I had no idea that this plant had recently changed genus! When I’d researched the plant to figure out its’ species, the only name I could come up with was Philodendron bipinnatifidum, but a member of a Facebook plant group explained in a comment that the plant that was formerly known as Philodendron bipinnafitidum; aka lacy tree philodendron, was re-classified in 2018 into genus Thaumatophyllum and consequently re-named the Thaumatophyllum b.. 

It’s a really interesting topic to read up on, as this was a quite recent discovery made through DNA analysis, and just goes to show how little we know for certain about this world, how much there still is to discover! With the way we humans are improving technology, this kind of discovery is only the beginning. While this may be a seemingly insignificant knowledge, it leaves room for us to wonder: what else do we think of as fact that may not actually be the truth?

I find this questions reassuring, oddly enough. To me, it helps me realize that not all is discovered, and that there is so much more for humanity as a whole to learn; that one day, maybe even I will contribute to that new knowledge.


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